We ♥ marketing

At French Toast we love marketing in every shape and form.

When we partner with a brand, we accompany it to the top. We offer an all-inclusive package to get the products off the ground because we want to give every brand the chance to succeed.
We create an ideal marketing environment by putting in place all the necessary tools: social networks, dedicated website, specific online catalogue, etc.

Digital marketing
This is the biggest part of the job. We go and find the consumer where he is. We are very active on social networks, Google AdWords campaigns, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, etc. We prepare future generations through Tik Tok and multiply partnerships and by partnering with the best influencers around. In short, we are everywhere where it matters.


B to B marketing
We continually support our resellers. From the development of communication plans in collaboration with central purchasing agencies, to building partnerships with a brand, we support shops in their experience with brands. We facilitate the sell-in and perform the sell-out.

Marketing Event
Never before has it been necessary to be so inventive to stand out. And we love that. We are present at many trade fairs to promote brands. We also organise press events. The important thing for us is to meet, present, and nurture relationships with as many partners as possible around the brands.

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