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French Toast is based in France with a European vision.

For us Europe is one big country, full of diverse cultures and multiple riches.
We understand its European difficulties, and this is a challenge we are excited to take on. We adapt our marketing and sales strategy to best suit the specificities of every country.
As a European hub, we are ideally placed to take care of everything from direct deliveries, collaboration with other distributors to the management of sales agents in the various countries: we adapt to find the best sales solutions for every brand. French Toast is your ideal go-to partner in setting foot in your desired market.

French Toast is the English translation of “pain perdu”- a much loved dessert in France. Instead of throwing away the stale bread, it is soaked in an egg and milk mixture before it is turned into a mouth-watering dish. French Toast’s vision is based on sustainability and social responsibility.

French Toast selects partners that share its philosophy. This is why we chose to work with FMS Logistique- a company that not only manages all our stocks and order preparations but is also dedicated to following high standards of social responsibility. When a shop or a consumer receives our goods, they can be sure that they will have contributed towards a good action thanks to our logistical supply chain.

French Toast has included an important point in its charter: Never again will we buy shipping cartons. In fact, from the very beginning we refused to have new cardboard boxes produced to ship our goods. In agreement with our logistical partner, we only use second-hand boxes to pack our orders.
We may not yet be a perfect distributor, but we are moving in that direction.

In our quest for harmony, we made an essential observation: Companies carry responsibility for the social and environmental impact. We were therefore keen, from the very outset, to make French Toast a committed player. In early 2020, we created a charity program that donates 10% of the profits generated by the sales through our website. On a quarterly basis we give to charities that are committed to actions linked to the environment, society, education and health.


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